The Interesting Bets and Payouts in Roulette

Perhaps there is nothing more intriguing casino game than the game of roulette. With the spinning wheel that holds the luck for each of the player's bet, the colored chips flying across the roulette wheel that symbolize the player's bet and the roulette ball rolling on the spinning wheel are all it takes to make the game of roulette very interesting.

The roulette payout table also does not lag behind to make the game of roulette very intriguing to its players. The roulette table layout may often seem to present an intimidating feeling among roulette novice. However, once a player get to understand the roulette's rules and game mechanics everything begins to make sense.

It is notable that playing roulette always involves the roulette payout and the bet odds. There are various ways of placing a bet in the game of roulette. Whatever kind of bet a player make all bets are made by buying some chips to exchange the player's cash. Colored chips are used when playing roulette and each chip has varied values but a single chip generally equals to one dollar.

The roulette wheel typically consists of 37 numbers with the exception of the American roulette wheel that has 38 numbered wheel with the additional value of double zero. The croupier will spin the wheel and subsequently throw the roulette ball into the opposite direction where the wheel spins. The excitement in roulette heightened up as the wheel begins to spin slowly and the ball circle around to stop on a numbered pocket that will represent the winning number.

Many casino players are very amused with the table layout of the roulette where the bets of its players are placed. It consists of numbers with alternate colors of red and black except for the number zero and double zeros in American roulette which is green in color. The significance of the colored numbers in the roulette wheel is that players can place bets based from the color.

Number bets can be done with either odd or even bets, low or high numbers. Players can bet for the numbers itself with a single number or a group of numbers. One of the fascinating aspects of the game in roulette is the wide range of choices when placing a bet on the numbers on the roulette table layout.

Players can bet in various ways with a corresponding roulette payout. Betting for a single number gives the highest payout of 35 times the value of the bet of the player. Bet choices can be done in a group of two, three, four, five or six numbers.

The roulette payout is highest with fewer number bets. Lowest payout are on bets where the player has better odds of winning such as playing for the colors of red or black, even or odd numbers and sets of high and low numbers.

The roulette bet and payout are inseparable entities since the roulette payout is always dependent on the type of bet placed by the player on the roulette table.