Different Payouts on Various Roulette Bets

The game of roulette is not different from other casino games in terms of being a game of chance. As most casino games that are played with a constant house advantage, the game of roulette has an unpredictable outcome that mainly adds to the excitement of playing roulette.

The randomness on the outcome of the roulette game adds more attraction to its players because of the thrilling experience that roulette players feel once the ball starts spinning on the roulette wheel.

Playing roulette always include knowing information about the payout involved when a player places a bet. There are different ways of placing a bet on the roulette wheel thereby allowing its players to place a versatile form of bets in the roulette wheel.

The roulette payout is basically determined based on the bet of its players. The roulette wheel has several numbers from which the players can choose to bet from. Players enjoy the opportunity to exercise freedom of choice on placing bets in a variety of ways at the roulette table.

Different bets can be placed from the roulette wheel with the highest payout taken from making a straight up bet which gives a 35:1 payout. Placing a straight up bet consists of placing bet to a single number on the board.

Players can split bet by betting on two numbers adjacent to each other with a payout of 17:1 while three numbers on a row with a street bet gives a payout of 11:1. Players get an 8:1 payout when they bet on a box of four numbers called the square bet and a payout of 5:1 upon placing a six number bet that covers three numbers in two rooms.

Playing the American roulette gives players the chance to place a five number bet which is unique only to this type of roulette game. The roulette players can bet on five numbers which include numbers 1 to 3 including the single zero (0) and double zeros (00). The American roulette's five number bets give a payout of 6:1.

Above is the inside bets placed on a roulette wheel while players can also make a bet to the numbers outside the roulette wheels. Outside bets can be made with a column bet and dozen bet that both give a roulette payout of 2:1 and even-money bet that gives a 1:1 payout.

The column bet is placed on bets by columns while the dozen bet is a bet placed by rows. The even-money allows bet by number colors of either red or black and by odd or even numbers.

It is notably worthy to mention that the latter types of bets are more easier bets to place giving better odds on the player's game however as one can notice the payout is at a lower rate compared when bets are made on the inside of the roulette wheel.

Intelligent gambling is precious when playing the game of roulette. Being a game of chance it necessitates putting balance on the payout and odds of winning when playing the game of roulette.

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