Playing for a Better French Roulette Payout

The game of roulette typically has three variants. These are the American, French and the European roulette versions. The differences vary from the payout and the numbers from which the roulette bet is placed on.

The American roulette differs from the French and European versions in the sense that the American roulette wheel consists of an additional double zeros in comparison to the French and European versions with roulette wheel of only a single zero.

The same bet procedures are done based on the bet type made by the player. Playing the French roulette game will give a player three bet choices. The inside bet is done by playing for the numbers from 0-36 on the roulette table. Playing for the outside bet relatively gives two different types of bet namely the even-money and dozen bets. The call bet is done by placing a group bet on the roulette table.

The odds of playing American roulette and French roulette are similar but the main difference mainly lies on the roulette payout probability. Playing for a straight bet on both roulette versions give a player a payout of 35:1. But the probability in French roulette is higher at 2.70% compared to the 2.63% probability in the American roulette.

The odds is also relatively better with French roulette because the player has better probability at 1:37 compared to the 1:38 probability in American roulette because of the presence of the additional two zeros in the American version.

The casino's house edge is 5.26% in American roulette game while the casino house edge in French roulette is cut to almost half at 2.70%. Reviewing and comparing the roulette table of American and French roulette versions, it is very obvious that the French roulette gives a better payout, better odds and probability with reduced house edge compared to its American roulette counterpart.

Moreover, another advantage of playing the French roulette version is the applicability of the La Partage rule when making an even-money bet. This will reflect the way the house edge is reduced because the rule states that when playing for the even-money bet and the roulette ball stops to the single zero the player only loses half of their bet.

When a player is able to choose to play between the American and French roulette games, it is most preferable to choose to play the French version because of the best benefits that can be derived from it.

Because it is a casino player's desire to play for profitable gambling, a player gets the best benefits when playing for a better roulette payout and odds and the French roulette version has these benefits to its players.