A Look Into Online American Roulette Payout

Being one of the oldest casino games, the game of roulette continues to provide gambling entertainment among casino players. In order to cater more roulette players, the online roulette was offered as one of the online casino games that can be played with the added convenience.

The game of online roulette is also based from the traditional roulette games played in land casinos. Basically, players can play two kinds of roulette games namely the American and European versions.

The American version differs from the European roulette game because players are playing roulette with the additional double zero wheel and an extra number pocket which begins from two zeros (00) in American roulette version.

Players play roulette while aiming to guess what spot on the roulette wheel the ball will stop. Players place bets to the corresponding numbers of their choice on the roulette table. A croupier facilitates the roulette player's bets and once all players are done placing their bets the game begins.

As the roulette spins, a ball is thrown onto the spinning wheel which is on the opposite direction where the wheel is spinning. Players will have to wait with elevated excitement until the ball stops spinning and wait on what numbered pockets on the roulette wheel it will stop.

The roulette player has two options when placing a bet on the roulette wheel. They may either place an inside or outside bet. Each bet placed has a corresponding payout which is important information as to how much is the player's expected return from their bets.

The inside bet allows players to place bet from numbers 0 to 36. They can make a straight bet which is a single number bet with a payout of 35:1. Players can bet numbers next to each other through a split bet that gives a 17:1 payout while a payout of 11:1 is obtained when players choose to place a street bet that corresponds to a three number bet. Players get 8:1 payout from a square bet, 6:1 payout with a five number bet and 5:1 payout on six number bet.

An outside bet on the other hand can be played with a column bet or dozen bet both with a 2:1 payout, Even-money bet where players can bet by colors or odd-even numbers with a 1:1 payout. Placing an outside bet has better game odds but with a lesser payout value.

Players get a better payout when they place a bet on the inside of the roulette table but with reduced game odds though. Nevertheless, playing American roulette provides entertainment among its players with a roulette payout that can give a roulette winner a reasonable profit along with the satisfying gambling entertainment they get from playing the online American roulette.