Playing for the European Roulette Payout

The game of roulette has three common variances namely the American, French and European versions. Of the three, the European version is considered to give roulette players better odds when playing roulette.

As in any casino game, the game of European roulette is also a game of chance. It is played with a roulette wheel that the croupier spins to begin the game and a roulette ball is thrown into it on the opposite direction from which the roulette wheel is spinning. As the wheel begins to spin slower, the ball will fall on a numbered pocket. The number that corresponds to the pocket where the ball drops represents the winning number.

The roulette wheel has 37 pockets that contain a zero and 36 numbers. The numbers are colored in black or red with the exception of the single zero which is green in color. The difference between the European from American roulette lies on the number of pockets on the roulette wheel which is 38 in all in the American version of roulette because of the additional double zeros placed alongside the single zero seen in the European roulette wheel.

The European roulette gives an odd of 37:1 while playing the American roulette gives 38:1 odds. This relatively gives European roulette better probability than the American version. Playing the European roulette is played in similar manner with the American version with the same roulette payout table.

Chips that represent a player's bet are placed on the roulette table. Playing for European roulette only takes clicking the specific area on the virtual roulette table to place a bet. Player can place their bets in two ways: either inside or outside bets.

The inside bet is placed on the numbers located in the inside layout of the roulette table. Inside bets are placed for a small group of numbers, usually two to six. Outside bets are made for larger groups of twelve or eighteen numbers located on the outside layout of the roulette table.

The player's bet has a corresponding roulette payout with the biggest payout coming from a straight bet for only one number that gives a payout of 35:1. The smallest roulette payout gives a 1:1 ratio which is derived from betting for the larger group of numbers located on the outside of the roulette table layout.

Roulette bets for the number's color of either black or red, even or odd numbers and high or low numbers gives the roulette player the lowest payout of 1:1 but it gives better probability of winning.