Maximizing Chances in Roulette with Payout Odds

It has been a common knowledge that the game of roulette is simply a game of chance. In every spin of the roulette wheel is complete randomness that unable its players to predict what will be the game outcome.

A basic knowledge on how the game of roulette works will tell a player that the game of roulette is purely a game of chance and the outcome is always independent from the previous spins undertaken. The game of roulette is not computer generated and it does not keep a history of its previous spins.

There are many expensive systems that are sold that claim to provide roulette players an effective system that guarantees them to win from the roulette game. No matter how attractive is their system on roulette the problem lies with the fact that there is no system that can ensure winning from the game of roulette under the premise that every spin of the wheel gives different unpredictable and random outcome independent of any mathematical probability.

However knowing the bet odds on playing roulette does gives roulette players the opportunity to maximize their chances of getting a better profit from their wagers. Being able to recognize which roulette bets are more profitable and unprofitable, it gives a player a more enhanced chance of maximizing their gambling endeavor in the roulette wheel.

It is a fact that playing the European version of roulette game gives the casino a house advantage of 2.7%. Playing for the American roulette game on the other hand has a casino house advantage of 5.6% which subjects a roulette player to a higher disadvantage play.

Playing roulette based on the payout odds is also another means from which a player can maximize their chance of winning in the roulette game. Knowing the chances on placing one's bet on the roulette table enable a player assess how much profit they are likely to gain from a given chance to win.

The payout odds give players a basis when deciding which bet type to place considering the payout that can be derived from winning on a particular bet placed of the player. Playing for a single number only has a 35:1 payout however it involves the odds that the player is least likely to win from this type of bet.

Considering the roulette payout odds, playing for a bet with a payout of 1:1 has better odd of winning and many casino players prefer playing for a lower payout but with a better odd to win. The roulette bet to play for with the highest odd is playing for red or black, odd or even and high or low numbers that gives a payout of 1:1.

Being able to determine the roulette bet with the best and worse payout odds can help a player improve their chance to maximize their profit from playing the game of roulette.