Playing Roulette with Its Determined Payouts

The game of roulette started on the 17th century and until now it remains to be a bankable casino game that casino players like to play. The complex physical table layout of roulette brings enigma to this game of chance and perhaps many casino players are attracted to learn how to play the roulette game because of the mystery behind the roulette wheel.

Playing the game of roulette is basically simple. The player's objective is to place bets on numbers where they guess the ball thrown will land on. Up to eight players can typically play the game but not against each other but against the casino. A croupier or commonly known as the dealer represents the casino and is responsible for the management of the player's bets and payouts.

It is the croupier who also spins the roulette wheel and often calls out the end of betting session once the dealer begins the spinning of the wheel. The roulette game has different game variants namely the European, American and French roulette versions. The European and French versions typically consists of a wheel with 37 slots that represent 36 numbers and a single zero. The American roulette game on the other hand has a wheel of 38 slots that represent 36 numbers, a single zero and double zeros.

Placing a bet in roulette is as simple as choosing a player's winning numbers from the roulette table with different kinds of bets to choose from. Every bet variation has a corresponding roulette payout that determines how much a roulette player will expect to win from a particular bet.

The roulette payout is always with a playing odd that significantly affects the chances of the player to win from the game of roulette. The roulette table layout where bets are placed is so unique which allows players to place different bet types taking into consideration the corresponding payout based on their bets.

Players may place a bet for the inside layout of the roulette table where the payout is considerably higher. The odds of winning however is lowered with an inside bet. Betting for the numbers located outside the layout of the roulette table offers a better odd of winning however the payout is low.

To be more concrete, the roulette payout for an inside bet qualifies a player to win the highest payout of a straight bet which gives a player a 35:1 meaning 35 times the bet placed by a player. The lowest payout is at the outside bet that usually corresponds to a 1:1 payout ratio but with a better odd of winning.

Roulette players typically play the game based on the payout values and the corresponding odds of the game. But more importantly, they play the game of roulette because of the fun and excitement it gives to its players.